Air Driven Model Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

Air Driven Model Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

Model Net weight/ Dimension
JS-450E 31 Kg/520*380*260m m
JS-450ES 53Kg/520*500*1020mm
JSA-450ES 54Kg/520*5000*1020~1150mm
JSH-450ES 63Kg/520*750*1020mm
JS-600E 32Kg/670*380*260mm
JS-600ES 54Kg/670*5Q0*1020mm
JSA-600ES 55Kg/670*5Q0*1020~1150mm
JSH-600ES 64Kg/670*750*1020mm
JS-800E 38Kg/870*415*280mm
JS-800ES 61 Kg/870*555*1020mm
JSA-800ES 62Kg/870*555*1020~1150mm
JSH-800ES 70Kg/870*8Q0*1020mm

Features or Advantage – For industry use

  • Need air compressor (5~6.5kgf/cnf) (More than 2.5HP, 50L tank,120LPM)
  • Suitable for factory, large market, etc. (Depend on the model)
  • Each model is convenience for use
  • Pack around 2,500times per day (8 hours, A4 size standard, 120L/Min)
  • Detachable & adjustable work tray (Height around 150mm)


Model Sealing Length Sealing Width Vacuum Pump Packing Count Eletric Specs Impulse Consumption Need Pneumatic
VS-E Series 450mm 5mm Basic:
Ejector PumpOption:
Oil Pump, Oiless Pump
1~10ea/min (depend on the items) 1ph



1.2kw 5~7 Kgf/cm2
10mm 1.7kw
600mm 5mm 1.5kw
10mm 2.2kw
800mm 5mm 1.7kw
10mm 3.5kw
Those figures are changeable by various situations.
Available simple type stand by aluminum profiles.