Autofocus Microscope ( AF-200 )

Autofocus Microscope ( AF-200 )

AF-200 is an autofocus hd video microscope developed in our direction. The series features real-time autofocus and wide-field observation. Thus, the functions of real-time comprehensive observation of large-size products, area amplification and detection are realized and 1080P real-time imaging is adopted to save photos and videos.


Autofocus system can quickly complete the focus in 1 second, without manual adjustment of the focal length, improve the detection efficiency of the operator. The system also has the function of 1-140mm digital zoom, which can sat­isfy the observation of 15mm-350mm field of vision without changing the working distance of the microscope.


Optical Infinite optical system with coaxial confocal and magnification limited function
Zoom Range 1~140mm
Digital Magnification 1x~15x
Working distance 300mm
Image sensor 1/2
Pixel 2MP
Resolution 1920*1080
Frame 60fps
Image memory TF Card
Base size 380*260*30
Lifting range 300mm
Focus range >60mm
Lighting 4 positions LED, with adjustable lighting angle
Monitor 21.5″
Software function Infinite auto focus, take photo, take video
Movement platform Customized movement platform can be customized according to customers requirements