Automatic image measurement instrumen

Automatic image measurement instrumen

  1. Full closed-loop servo control technology, stable operation, low noise, fast operation;
  2. Panoramic image scanning of the workpiece, GPS navigation, quickly find the position to be measured;
  3. Perfect 3D measurement suppoert, which can support contact probe and laser at the same time;
  4. The world’s original z-axis “zero segment difference technology” ensures that the plane precision of different focal lengths is not affected;
  5. Program automatic measurement, automatic focus, automatic side finding and automatic programmed lighting to reduce manual intervention;
  6. The base column and X/Y platform of the machine are made of natural marble, which never deforms, has precision and high stability.

Precision measurement

Mainly used for two-dimensional plane detection of hardware plasitc and precision products or two-dimensional projection detection of other workpiece. A general applicatin in mechanical, electronic, the corresponding drawing command, software intelligent and accurate automatic drawing of the real-time image of the work line, panning, etc., this drawing method is more accurate and faster than the visual point and avoid human error, the use of double closed motion control, the motor in high-speedmotion with accurate positioning performance. The company’s development of I – in – module motor control, motor response speed.

Practical and powerful programming functions

  1. Support the use of one machine for programming multiple machines;
  2. Support element re-measurement, and the structure, geometric operation and tolerance judgment associated with it will be updated automatically, which is simple, time-saving and efficient;
  3. The program can be quickly modified lighting, multiplier, height, etc.


Model E-3020 E-4030
Size L*W*H 1100X700X1650 1350X900X1650
Bearing 30Kg 30Kg
Measuring range (mm) X 300 400
Y 200 300
Z 200 200
Image and measurement system CCD US 750 line high definition color CCD
Optical system EOC Infinite optical system
Optical Magnification 0.7-4.5X Continuous zoom
Digital Magnification 30-220X
Resolution of optical ruler 1um
X/Y Measurement accuracy (3+L/200)um
Repeatability 3um
Measurement system AI-CNC 3D
Lighting System LED High brightness adjustable ring light source + LED brightness adjustable transmission light source
Power supply 200V±10% (AC) 50Hz (Note: grounding wire with resistance ≤ 4 Ω is required)
Suitable environment Temperature 20-25°C, humidy 50% – 60%
Optional Optical System EOC Automatic zoom optical system
Illumination LED Ring lighting+LED Transmission Illumination+LED Coaxial lighting
Manual Mode is optional