Depth of Field of Synthetic Camera ( U-2000 )

Depth of Field of Synthetic Camera ( U-2000 )

SONY professional CMOS sensor 20 megapixel sensor IMX183. Target sur­face size 1″. Pixel size 2.4 x2.4 um. Effectively improve the color deviation of the sensor perfectly restore the real color of the sample USB3.0 high- speed transmission interface is simple and convenient while ensuring a stable and high transmission rate, can achieve 16 frames/ second fast im­aging under full resolution.

Image Acqusition

View camera adjustments, video settings, and more allowable. See the captured screen here.

Depth of held fusion

EocView provides a powerful depth of field fusion effect. The image on the focal plane is fused into a clear image.

Calibration system

Accurate scale calibration can ensure the accuracy of the data checked.

Image Processing

Provides powerful image editing functions and supports multiple morphological images Processing functions.

Storage format

Can be saved as an Excel report and keep data generated.

Image measurement

EocView provides powerful and rich measurements for the determination of a variety of geometric parameters.

Large image stitching

Can stitch photos of different parts of the same slice into a whole Photo.

Goal analysis

Object analysis based on image segmentation Take specfiied measurements from different targets, including perimeter, area, etc.