Flexible Wave Checker ( UI-351A/F )

Flexible Wave Checker ( UI-351A/F )

  • Able to measure up to 6 channels
  • PC-based Profile
  • Dip-time by depth (Dwell-time)
  • Left, right balance
  • Analyze measurement information
  • Excel conversion of data
  • Able to store 5 times
  • Solder temperature/preheat temperature
  • Data filtering
  • C/V Speed

Measurement information

Description Sensor Description Sensor
1st Dip Time left, middle, right  1st, 2nd 0.9mm Dip left, right
2nd Dip Time left, middle, right 1st, 2nd 0.6mm Dip left, right
1st, 2nd 1.8mm Dip left, right Preheat PCB top, bottom
1st, 2nd 1.5mm Dip left, right PCB maximum temperature PCB top, bottom
1st, 2nd 1.2mm Dip left, right Solder, C/V Solder temperature, conveyor speed

General Information

Description Contents Description Contents
Battery Rechargeable 3.6V Dip Interval / Duration 0.3sec /10 minutes
Use time Continuous 30 hours (room temperature) Dip(Contact) time (left, right) Center, left, and right by depth
Use temperature / preservation temperature 0~300°C/0~40°C Continuous measurement number of times 5 times
Temperature measurement 0~300°C ±1.5°C Dimension Recorder – 380x90x61 / Jig – Depends on order


Specification Minimum Requirement
OS Window 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor / Memory Over Pentium 2 / 64MB
HDD / CD-ROM Over 64MB/Included CD-Rom(for Installation)
VGA / Connect 1024×768, over 16bit/RS232