Metallographic Microscope ( 3D SUPER DEPTH OF FIELD )

Metallographic Microscope ( 3D SUPER DEPTH OF FIELD )

PA53MET series have a perfect system and a new generation of optical technology, aspheric prism designed light box and the high quality apochro­matic optical lens to ensure the view of the high resolution and high color reproduction, bright and dark field, polarization , differential interference (DIC) to observe a variety of ways, make the operator better access to the required images and the inspection of products;lnterchangeable modular design to meet the needs of various applications.

3D measurement function

Can be quickly acquired through the Z-axis focusing module and EOC Analysis image system Three-dimensional images, and high-precision and high-accuracy two-dimensional and three-dimensional images Shape measurement, measurement accuracy of 0.01um, repeatability of up to 0.5um.


Model PA53Met-BD-3D PA53Met-BD-T-3D
Opitcal system CCIS The system of chromatic aberration correction in infinite flat field system
Zoom range 50X~500X (Max digital magnification can be 6000X)
Eyepieces UC-WF10X/25, visual adjustment±5
Observation tube Trinocular (FN 25), tilt range 20°, three tube optical path 2 gear Optional: (visual: Camera – 100:0 / 0:100)
Objective Plan S-APO Flat field half achromatic metallographic objective: 5X/0.15, 10X/0.3, 20X/0.45, 50X/0.8, 100X/0.9
Nosepiece 5 holes nosepiece with DIC slot (with coding function)
Focusing system range range: 29.5mm, coarse adjustment and fine adjustment handwheel coarse adjustment: 17.7mm/revolution,
fine adjustment: 0.1mm/revolution upper limit position, elastic adjustment ring.
Relfective illuminator
Kohler lighting system, with functions of light field, dark field, DIC,
polarized light observation, with adjustable variable field of view light bar and variable aperture light bar;
Movement objective stage Size 210 * 170mm, c104 * 102mm, metal plate, glass plate
Reflex illumination 12V / 100W Long life halogen bulb
Transmission illumination Kohler lighting system, built-in filter, 12V / 100W long-life halogen bulb
Condenser lens LWCD, N.A 0.65
Lighting characteristics LED Brightness indication, IL switch add ECO switch
Electric Z-axis module Travel distance: 30mm; accuracy: 0.01um; repetition accuracy: 0.5um; maximum speed: 1.4mm/s
3D Measurement System 6MP, the maximum resolution is 3072 * 2048 @ 30fps. With EOC analysis image system,
3D synthetic modelling can be carried out, with 2D / 3D measurement and z-axis measurement accuracy of 100nm;
Expansion function
1. Differential interference phase contrast (DIC) observation function: it is necessary to select special objective lens and components for DIC at the same time;
2. Automatic image stitching function: it is necessary to purchase electric loading platform at the same time;