Nitrogen Generator – Pressure Swing Absorption

Nitrogen Generator – Pressure Swing Absorption

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  • Compact size design allows easy movement and space utilization.
  • Allows free installation and movement by mounting standard casters on all models.
  • Can be used indoors without problems owing to low operational noise.
  • Operation and operation status can be easily managed and displayed by the display panel.
  • Remote operation allows RS-485 communication.

For PSAs equipped with the ECO Control function , when increasing and decreasing the quantity of use, the flow rate is automatically controlled by interlocking.

  • Not required to build a special area for N2 Tanks setup.
  • Not required to install the N2 supply lines throughout the shopfloor
  • N2 Generator machine provided the control the PPM level in the machine parameters so that user can define according to their requirements based the type of reflow available.
  • N2 Generator can be installed along side with the reflow machine using space of below 10Sq.ft
  • Hence N2 generator will create the N2 from open air, customers can eliminate the purchase of N2 liquid on monthly basis.
  • N2 generator machine can be moved to any location, we can easily Reconnect to the reflow machine.
  • N2 can generated and supplied to the reflow machine only when it is required by communicating with the reflow machine.
  • PPM levels can be adjustable according to their product requirements.
  • N2 generator tanks are software monitored to avoid leakages caused by pressure effects due to temperature changes. No noise generated