Normal Metallographic Microscope ( BA SERIES )

Normal Metallographic Microscope ( BA SERIES )

BA310MET series is a powerful and practical metallographic microscope for industrial applications. It adopts an infinite flat field color difference correction system to eliminate stray light, thus greatly improving the contrast and clarity of imaging. At  the same time, dark soup, polarized light, differential interference (DIC) observation function, can calmly respond to quality management, manufacturing process inspection and other observation requirements. It is applicable to semiconductor tasting, FPD, packaging, roadbed board, casting, metal materials, precision mold and other fields.

Metallographic analysis laboratory

One of the important means of experimental study on metal materials, adopting the principle of quantitative metallography, by two-dimensional metallographic specimen surface grinding or film metallographic microstructure of the measurement and calculation to determine the microstructure morphology of three-dimensional space, so as to establish quantitative relationship between the alloy composition, microstructure and performance, the computer was applied to image processing, has the advantages of high accuracy, high speed, can greatly improve the work efficiency, the grinding and polishing machine, cutting machine, type set pause, or match, metallographic analysis software of grinding technical support, we provide users with more comprehensive metallurgical process solutions.


Model BA310Met BA310Met-T
Opitcal system CCIS chromatic aberration correction in infinite flat field system
Zoom range 50X~500X(100X objective is Optional to be 1000X)
Eyepieces Flat field, large field of view, high eye point 10X  (fn20), visual adjustment ±5
Objective Infinite long working distance flat field objective: 5X/0.13, 10X/0.30, 20X/0.40, 50X/0.55(Selection: 100X/0.80)
Observation tube Hinge type binocular tube 30°, positive image, light splitting ration: 50:50
Pupil distance 48~75mm
Sample max thickness 30mm
Nosepiece 5 holes nosepiece
Focusing system Coarse micro coaxial focusing, total range of coarse dynamic focusing 30mm,
micro focusing 0.2mm/revolution, 0,002mm/lattice
Relfective illuminator
12V 50W Reflective Cora lighting; with adjustable variable field and variable aperture light bars;
accessory polarizer assembly, polarizer 360° rotation
Movement objective stage 12V 50W Reflective Cora lighting
Reflex illumination Size: 180x140mm; range: 75x50mm;
coaxial adjustment in X and Y directions
Size: 300mmx180mm, moving range: 150x100mm
glass table (standard), slice table (optional)
Transmission illumination 3W LED
Condenser lens Condenser lens N.A.0.85
Color filter Frosted glass, blue filter, yellow filter, green filter
Expansion function
1. Dark field observation function: special objective lens and reflective illumination for the bright and dark field must be purchased at the same time
2. Differential interference phase contrast (DIC) observation function: special objective lens and components for DIC must be selected at the same time