Nozzle Cleaner ( ENC-12S, ENC-24S )

Nozzle Cleaner ( ENC-12S, ENC-24S )

Features of Nozzle Cleaner

  • The effect of Carbon reduction by using distilled water
  • Possible to clean 12/24 nozzle at the same time
  • Easy to operate with touch panel
  • Reduce the time to change the nozzle by using the nozzle holder

Cleaning Process

ENC-12S, ENC-24S ( Nozzle Cleaner )

Nozzle cleaner Name ENC-12S ENC-24S
Nozzle head Quantity 12 24
Compressed air Type clean air clean air
Pressure 7kgf/cm²  7kgf/cm²
Cleaning water Type distilled water distilled water
Cleaning fluid amount 4L 6L
Input power supply Voltage DC100~250V DC100-250V
Plug 3 PIN(with ground) 3 PIN(with ground)
Cable length 1.6m 1.6m
Power consumption 200W 200W
Size 550(L) x 420(W) x 480(H)
Weight 42.5kg