Optical Metallographic Microscope ( P SERIES )

Optical Metallographic Microscope ( P SERIES )

EOC-Panthera-TEC series is show the high-end of optical metallographic mi ­croscope series expansion function strong intelligent industrial microscope used in materials science analysis, intelligent illuminator can respectively control mode and illumination Angle, can use clever bright field, dark field lighting concept to deal with the semiconductor, LCD panels, such as wafer, material samples. In order to expand the application of composite materials, LED trans­mission light can be selected for the microscope model.


  1. Intelligent dark field lighting, 5-segment lighting mode, one-click lighting angle switch
  2. Reflective and transflective models are available, one-button switching between upper and lower light sources
  3. Plan Achromat BO long-distance metallographic objective lens provides higher definition Optical imaging
  4. LED intelligent condenser can automatically identify N.A, no manual adjustment is required; Condenser lens and collector lens are combined into one
  5. Intelligent brightness tracking, brightness display and brightness memory function, No need to adjust brightness repeatedly


Model PantheraTEC-BD PantheraTEC-BD-T
Opitcal system CCIS chromatic aberration correction in infinite flat field system
Zoom range 50X~500X(100X objective is Optional to be 1000X)
Eyepieces Flat field, large field of view, uc-wf10X / 22 with high eye point, visual adjustment ±5
Objective Plan Achromat BD Long working distance flat field dark field metallographic Objective: 5X/0.13
10X/0.25; 20X/0.40; Plan S-APO BD High N.A Objective: 50X/0.80; (Selection: 100X/0.90)
Observation tube Hinge type binocular tube 30°, positive image, light splitting ration: 50:50
Pupil distance 48~75mm
Sample max thickness 30mm
Nosepiece 5 holes nosepiece (with coding function)
Focusing system Coarse micro coaxial focusing, total range of coarse dynamic focusing 35mm,
micro focusing 0.2mm/revolution, 0,002mm/lattice
Relfective illuminator
Dark field intermediate, intelligent segmented ring lighting, with adjustable variable field light bar and variable aperture light bar;
accessory polarizer assembly, polarizer 360° rotation
Movement objective stage Size: 180x140mm; range: 75x50mm;
coaxial adjustment in X and Y directions
Size: 300mmx180mm, moving range: 150x100mm
glass table (standard), slice table (optional)
Reflex illumination 3W LED, Intelligent segmented ring ligting
Transmission illumination 0.06W * 39 LEDs
Condenser lens LED integrated condenser
Intelligent lighting Lighting brightness tracking, brightness memory, sleep standby mode, LED brightness indication function