Optical Review Machine

Optical Review Machine

Through 3 d optical microscope, camera, the 3 d spin with CCD camera watch big dynamic real-time 3 d image, has a wide field, large depth of field, the characteristics of high resolution, without tilt artifacts can be clear for each 1 c of the original welding feet judgment analysis, especially for virtual welding observa ­tion has obvious help, camera rotation speed, direction, the light source can adjust themselves.
3d high resolution microscope, using advanced optical system, with low distortion, high resolution, large depth of field , wide and flat field of view, good focus and other characteristics, novel design, easy to op­erate.

Customization / Application

The mobile platform or scaffold structure can be customized according to the user’s actual scene. At present, it is widely used in:

  1. Patch production line: customized with the size of guide rail of production line;
  2. Offline desktop type: offline standard working table , used for real-time detection of small-size products.
  3. Mobile working surface (ESD anti-static).

Picture of product (mobile platform optional)

ES series hd microscope system is a patented product of EOC company Combined with the actual production and application of SMT, the virtual welding of the pin of the integrated block, tin bead residue and empty welding were observed and amplified by 360° rotation in real-time. Greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of product testing.


Optical System Infinite optical system with coaxial confocal and magnification limited function
Zoom ratio 1 : 6.4
Magnification 25x~150x (optional 50x~300x)
Working distance 90mm
Image sensor 1/1.8
Pixel 5.0MP
Resolution 2560*2048
Frame 60fps
Digital output HDMI
Image storage U-DISK/Ethernet
Illumination Built in ring LED light source
Monitor 21.5″
Control integration Software control: equipment parameters, LED light source, 3D rotation direction, 3D rotation speed, 3D rotation angle setting
Data Service Interface with MES system, upload data by scanning code, and receive E-data feedback
XY move range X*Y: 200*200