Real Time Temperature Profile System ( UI-510 )

Real Time Temperature Profile System ( UI-510 )

The UI-510 RTTPS enables automatic profile by monitoring real-time temperature changes within the preheaters and solder pot/coolers, by fixing temperature sensors inside the wave machines. Proximity and impeller sensors enable changes in conveyor and motor speed, along with dip time, to improve productivity and preventing mass defects. UI-510 also prevents fire by fire detection sensors, and can be monitored realtime from remote location via network.

When the machine is in operation for 24 hours, it is profiling about 5,000 times a day.

By installing a distance sensor that can check the solder level in the solder pot, it can help to improve the productivity and reduce the defect rate.

Measurement information

Description Sensor Measuring range Accuracy
Temperature measurement K-type thermocouple  0~650°C ±1.5°C
Sampling 1 second
C/V Metal sensor
PCB detection Photo sensor
Height measurement within solder pot Laser sensor 100~250mm / 0.1mm


Specification  Minimum requirements
OS Window 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor / Memory Pentium 2 and later / 64MB and more
HDD / CD-ROM Over 64MB / Included CD-Rom(for Installation)
VGA / Connect 1024×768, over 16bit / USB