Reflow Inline Camera System ( UI-HiCAM )

Reflow Inline Camera System ( UI-HiCAM )

It can shoot, analyze the internal environment of reflow machine and do an integrated analysis since 3 temperature channels and vibration detection sensor are mounted. Camera module has two types of modules which are a proximity shooting module able to enlarge the soldering process and a wide-angle shooting module able to shoot the whole environment of oven. The proximity shooting type uses a camera module connected by a line to the main-body to take an actual image of the actual PCB. It removed the noise that can be generated in wireless transmission and reception by using a storage method of making use of a detachable memory card.

Measurement information

Description Sensor Measuring range Accuracy
Temperature measurement K-type thermocouple 0~400°C ±1.5°C
Sampling  0.3 seconds
Measuring time 10 minutes
Number of times of internal storage 2 times

General information

Description Contents
Battery Chargeable 12.6V
Use time Continuous 1 hour(room temperature)
Use temperature/preservation temperature 0~400°C/0~40°C
Dimension 300x73x26(measurement module) / 385x85x35(external case)


Specification  Minimum requirements
OS Window 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor / Memory Over Pentium 4 / Over 2GB
HDD / CD-ROM Over 200GB / Included CD-Rom(for Installation)
VGA / Connect 1024×768, over 16bit / USB
Motion video measurement information HD(1280×760) / Save video in 1 minute increments
Vibration measurement information ±2 gravity
Motion video storage capacity Subject to capacity of memory card connected externally