SATURN Stencil Inspection System (Semiconductor)

SATURN Stencil Inspection System (Semiconductor)

SATURN is a metal mask inspector that can prevent defects such as no solder, misregistration, misalignment, and openings caused by the state of Stencil Mask before Solder Paste Printing operation, which is the first quality in solder printing process.

The needs for a Metal Mask Inspector

  • It is possible to check the import of the originally created Mask.
  • It is possible to check the cleanliness of the mask after cleaning.
  • There is no print defect due to mask tension problem.
  • It prevents the parts that can influence the operation of the former Printing quality to the PCB.
  • Mask management is easy to change every time in small quantity production of various kinds
  • Easy to manage mask version according to changing specification.
  • The ease of use of the Mask Barcode traceability due.

Stencil Inspection System Specification (Semiconductor)

Division Item Specification
Inspection Spec Mask Frame Size 420 X 420mm ~736 x 736mm
PCB Size 350 x 350mm
Inspection Item Area, Position, Offset, Size, Particle, Burr, Hole, Missing, Location, Tension
Inspection Speed 1.8 Sec / FOV
Optical Camera 16Mega Camera
Lens Tele-Centric Lens
Illumination Top Side : Fiducial Light
Bottom Side : Mask Light / Live Light
Resolution 2.2㎛
FOV Size 11.5 x 8.5mm
Hardware Camera X axis, Mask Y axis Linear Motor ( 0.1㎛)
Side X axis Illumination Servo Motor
Tension Inspection Tension STG-75D
Tension(Z axis) Cylinder
Tension Measuring Range Range : 0.4 ~ 2.9 mm (8~50N/cm) ,
Measurement Accuracy Accuracy : 0.01mm (1N/cm)
Programming Gerber File RS-274 Format (Gerber Data Teaching)
Gerber Conversion Program ePM
PC OS Window 10 – 64Bit (Quad core)
Machine / Utility Dimension size 1,382(L) x 1,798(W) x 1,614(H)mm
Weight 1,800kg
Power AC220V±10%(Single Phase), 50/60Hz, 2KVA
Air 5Kgf/㎠
Option Squeegee Parallelism Test
Comparative analysis of Stencil Gerber and Mask Gerber
Customized development of MES
Mask Distance Measurement Function