SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

SM-5600 Off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

The cleaning machine is designed for surface cleaning of PCB and PCBA in the semiconductor and SMT industries, using the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry to achieve 100% cleanliness and environmental protection.

The machine is composed of cleaning, rough rinsing, fine rinsing, drying, filtering, wastewater treatment and other systems.

Use electricity and compressed air as energy source, manually put the PCBA board (workpiece) into the cleaning room, set the cleaning, rough rinsing, fine rinsing, drying time and other related parameters in the touch screen, and then press the start button, the product will be automatically cleaned, rough rinsed, fine rinsed and dried.

Use water-based cleaning fluid for cleaning and DI water for rinsing. No safety hazards, no harm to operators.


  • High-pressure spray system dedicated to clean PCB / PCBA with water-based cleaning fluid
  • Four liquid tanks, equipped with a heating system, to meet the needs of cleaning, rough rinsing, fine rinsing and hot air drying
  • Process flow: cleaning – chemical isolation – rinsing (open loop/closed loop) – drying
  • Equipped with advanced automatic touch screen operating software, program files can be saved, it is extremely simple to use
  • System counting function, can automatically accumulate the number of cleaning PCB boards and the cycle filter times
  • Liquid and pump pressure can be displayed on the panel pressure gauge, and timely feedback of equipment operating status
  • The cleaning pressure can be adjusted independently, with a visual window, and the pressure can be adjusted according to the PCB board cleaning requirements
  • Conductivity monitoring rinsing liquid to ensure cleanliness, conductivity can be set to meet the needs of different PCB board processes
  • The overall stainless steel body is sturdy and durable, resistant to acid, alkali and other cleaning fluids
  • The rinsing adopts an overflow method, and the water from the fine rinsing tank overflows to the rough rinsing tank without repeated pollution
  • High-pressure fan+ hot air drying, the drying effect is more rapid and thorough
  • Lower operating costs, only 200-300ml of liquid is needed for each cleaning (depending on the product), and the residual liquid in the pipeline and pump is directly recovered after cleaning, which can reduce liquid consumption by 40%