SM-600 Full Automatic Scraper (Squeegee) Cleaning Machine

SM-600 Full Automatic Scraper (Squeegee) Cleaning Machine

The equipment is used for scraper cleaning of printing machine, such as surface cleaning of residual solder paste, dust, etc.

The “scraper cleaning machine” uses the technology of high pressure spray cleaing, ultrasonic cleaning, rolling rinsing and hot air drying of large flow fan to ensure the cleaning effect.

With humanized design and one key operation, it is easy to clean and dry.


  • Innovative appearance design, using rotating ultrasonic, additional secondary spray, comprehensive and thorough cleaning.
  • Equipped with pneumatic pump, it can automatically add and discharge liquid.
  • Inching transposition, easy to take and place scraper.
  • Equipped with filter device, solder paste can be recycled.
  • One key operation, the whole cleaning process is completed automatically. PLC full-automatic control, multi-choice program setting mode, simple operation, safe and reliable, easy maintenance.
  • The equipment has low liquid consumption, low power consumption and no pollution. The whole machine is made of 304# stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
  • The unique installation method of the scraper prevents the scraper from sliding during operation.
  • Cleaning, rinsing and drying functions are integrated. The time and speed of adding, draining liquid, cleaning and rinsing can be set through the human-computer interface.
  • All liquid tank outlets are equipped with filter screen to prevent impurities from entering and protect pump.
  • The nozzle pressure of the machine can be monitored during the cleaning process to ensure the cleaning effect.
  • Equipped with Solder paste recovery device.
  • Adopt Imported PPH pipe, easy maintenance.
  • When the cover is open, the machine cannot be started due to the induction protection function of the machine.