SM-8160 Ultrasonic Spray Cleaning Machine

SM-8160 Ultrasonic Spray Cleaning Machine

This ultrasonic spray cleaning machine is mainly for cleaning the electronics industry SMT stencil using aqueous cleaning chemical. Using the industry’s most advanced cleaning technology, Up to 100% cleanness and environmental protection.

Main construction : Spraying system , Ultrasonic system,Rinsing system ,Drying system , lifting system,Water recyle filtration system.

Machine is driven by electric energy, manually load stencils into clean room, setting touch screen in the spray, ultrasonic, drying and other related parameters, press the start button, screen will be automatically spraying, ultrasonic cleaning and drying.When configured to run after the cleaning process will automatically stop, and reset, in order to achieve the next workflow.This machine is very convenient workers clean stencils, improve production efficiency and quality.It’s new, high-performance automatic cleaning equipment.Equipment using deionized water + water-based environmentally cleaning chemical, without any security hidden danger, and do not have harm to the staff.


Machine Dimension (mm) 1300*800*2030 (L*W*H)
Stencil size (mm) 740X740X40(MAX)
Clean process Spraying clean–Ultrasonic clean–spraying rinse–high pressure drying
Ultrasonic power 1.5KW(40HZ)
Clean agents DI water + water-based cleaner
Volume of tank 35L(max)
Voltage/Hz AC380V (50HZ)
Input Air 0.4KPa – 0.8KPa
Noise <60
Machine weight 450KG