Stationary mounted type O2 Analyzer ( UI-550 )

Stationary mounted type O2 Analyzer ( UI-550 )

UI-550 can detect up to 50ppm of oxygen at 25% (higher density than the atmosphere), and convert output Data according to PC transmission inquiries (connection, low voltage, or current) UI-550 can detect 13CH with Selected options.

Measurement information

Description Sensor Measuring range Accuracy
Oxygen density Zirconia  25%~50ppm ±2%
Sampling For 100 sec at initial stage, by 1 sec

General information

Items Details
Fitting Externally 6mm
Option  Max. 13CH
Dimension 390 X 195 X 235


Specification  Minimum requirements
Power 110~250V (50/60Hz)
Display FND 4 Digit
Connection RS232
Option Signal conversion enabled, 4~20mA, 0mV~10V