Video Microscope Series ( E-7010 )

Video Microscope Series ( E-7010 )

E-7010 video microscope series adopts the 700 series hd continuous zoom lens newly upgraded by hua xian optics, and it is combined with SXGA series hd industrial camera to realize practical functions such as photo storage and 2d measurement. Besides, two core functions of EDF depth of field synthesis and network transmission can be selected according to the needs of users. The series is widely used in the field of industrial testing, to meet the appearance of defects detection, process analysis, size measurement and other applica­tions.


EDF depth of fleld synthesis: for products with different depth of field focal plane, the whole clear picture can be obtained by software synthesis. The system supports real-time synthesis. The operator only needs to rotate the manual wheel to take photos of different depth of field points. Meanwhile, the micro­scope immediately completes the real-time expansion of the depth of field of the microscopic image. Network transmission function: the system supports external scanning gun, which can be named and photographed with the barcode/qr code infor­mation after scanning, and can be transmitted to the factory MES system through LAN.


Optical system Infinite optical system with coaxial confocal
Zoom Ratio 1 : 6.5
Objective 0.7x~4.5x continuous zoom
CCD tube 0.5x
Digital Magnification 48x~307x
Working distance 90mm
Image sensor 1/2
Pixel 2.0MP
Resolution 1920*1080
Frame 60fps
Digital output HDMI
Image storage U-disk
Base size 380*260*20mm
Lifting size 300mm
Focus range 60mm
Light source Falling ring LED light source
Monitor 21.5″
Software function Photo storage, picture preview, statistic, annotation, line drawing, etc.
Optional Measurement Point, face, line, circle and other plance measurement
EDF Depth of field stitching Yes
Network transmission Pictures and data can be transmitted through the network, and the MES system of the factory can be connected
CCD tube 0.5x CCD tube
Additional lens 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 2x, 3.5x
Illumination system LED transmission lighting, LED oblique lighting, LED coaxial lighting
Vertical arm stand Base size: 318*308*16mm,
lifting focus range: 160mm
Movement stage Customized movement platform according to customers requirements
Scanning gun External code scanning gun to save pictures with barcode / QR code information name
CCD 5MP, resolution 2560*2048, HDMI output