Video Microscope Series ( E-900)

Video Microscope Series ( E-900)

E-900 series video microscope video microscope with the latest China show optical research and development of 900 series, continuous variable times feedback, lens, a two-dimensional image measuring, got times, the automatic image measurement rate switch, do not need to manually choose, simple and convenient operation, selection of operating personnel forget at the same time can prevent the image measurement rate caused by measurement error. This series is suitable for full-pair appearance defect detection, process analysis, dimension measurement, etc ., which can greatly improve the detection efficiency and measurement accuracy.


system support external code gun, sweep code can be named for barcode qr code information for taking pictures, and can be reached the l through the local area on a storage backup MES system.


Optical system Infinite optical system with coaxial confocal and magnification limited function
Zoom Ratio 1 : 6.7
Objective 0.75x~5.0x
CCD tube 0.5x
Digital Magnification 26x~170x
Working distance 82mm
Image sensor 1/2
Pixel 2.0MP
Resolution 1920*1080
Frame 60fps
Digital output HDMI
Image storage U-disk
Base size 300*320*10mm
Lifting size 300mm
Focus range 45mm
Light source Falling ring LED
Monitor 21.5″
Software function Photo storage, picture preview, statistic, annotation, line drawing, etc.
Measurement Point, face, line, circle and other plance measurement
Network transmission Pictures and data can be transmitted through the network, and the MES system of the factory can be connected
Optional CCD tube 1x CCD tube
Additional lens Additional objective: 0.5x, 0.75x, 2x
Illumination system LED transmission lighting, LED oblique lighting
Vertical arm stand Base size: 318*308*16mm,
lifting focus range: 160mm
Movement stage Customized movement platform according to customers requirements
Scanning gun External code scanning gun to save pictures with barcode / QR code information name