Video Microscope Series ( EC-S3 )

Video Microscope Series ( EC-S3 )

EC-3d video microscope series , using advanced optical system, with low distor­tion, high resolution, large depth of field, wide and flat fleld of view, good focus, etc. The system supports the switch of 2D/3D observation Angle, and adopts 3D lens to observe the 3D elements and deep holes. The clarity remains unchanged during the switch, and the rotation center position is the same, and it can be 360. Comprehensive observation, observation work distance up to 95MM, this is the highest level in the industry. It is widely used in the fields of microelectronics, precision electronics, SMT solder joint inspection, precision hardware, criminal investigation and identification, plant morphology and so on.

Functional application

The system supports external scanning gun, which can be named and photographed with the informa­tion of barcode qr code after scanring, and can be sent to the MES system of the factory for storage and backup through local area network.


Optical system infinite optical system with coaxial confocal and magnification limited function
Zoom Ratio 1 : 7
Magnification 24x~160x
Working distance 45mm
Image sensor 1/1.8
Pixel 5MP
Resolution 2560*2048
Frame 60fps
Digital output HDMI
Image memory U-DISK/Ethernet
Base size 300*320*10mm
Lifting range 300mm
Focus range 45mm
Illumination Ring LED Illumination
Monitor 21.5″
Software function Photo storage, picture preview, statistics, annotation, line drawing, etc.
Measurement function point, face, line, circle and other plane measurement
Ethernet transmission function Transfer pictures and data, can connect with MES system
Code Scanning External code scanning gun to save pictures with barcode / QR code information name
XY-move platform Customized XY-move platform can be customized according to customers requirements
Illumination LED transmission lighting, LED oblique lighting